Album: Undertow (2012)

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Song: Anagram

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Being in a punk/hardcore band from Richmond, VA is somewhat of a double edged sword. On one hand you are following in the footsteps of such legendary acts as Avail, Strike Anywhere, and Government Warning. On the other side of things, you're constantly trying to stand out musically in a city brimming with spectacular artists. A problem BOXER knows all too well. After watching their past musical endeavors disintegrate before their eyes, lifelong friends Ian Hurdle (Drums) and Grayson Wallace (Guitar, vocals) decided to team up together and start something new; fresh. Inspired by all forms of music and art, they sought to create something that incorporated their broad musical inspirations (indie/alt. rock, experimental, jazz, punk, hardcore) in a way that was harmonious and natural. A feat that would not have been possible without Stewart Jester's (Guitar, vocals) haunting harmonies to compliment Wallace's gravelly growl and Dewey Zei (Bass) providing the emotional backbone with his moody melodies that compliment the warm and tight beats of Hurdle.

In 2011, BOXER released their debut EP "Undertow" for free via Bandcamp and began touring in support, sharing the stage with the likes of Balance and Composure, Turnover, Lemuria, Daylight and Eyes Wide. This summer Reveille Records will be releasing "Undertow" on a very limited (250) single-sided 12". Pre-orders are up now at